Ghostbusters Level Up Plus Pokies Review

Ghostbusters Level Up Plus Pokies Review

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Pop culture-themed slot games are anything but new. Depending on personal preference, today, you can enjoy virtually countless licensed/branded slot titles. The Ghostbusters Level Up Plus is a new slot game based on the globally popular 1984 blockbuster film, and we absolutely love it! Read on to learn everything about this game before you spin the reels.

Ghostbusters Level Up Plus Pokies

First of all, let’s discuss the obvious: whenever you see terms like “level up” or “plus” next to anything, it usually means you’re looking at a sequel (pun intended). Indeed, this five-reel, three-row, 20-payline slot game isn’t the first title of such a name to come from IGT. However, this Level Up Plus variant quickly became our favorite because of several reasons.

What are they? 

Well, we immediately loved the leveling up feature that helps with keeping prolonged gameplay exciting. The game’s fast pace also makes for an immersive gaming experience, and you won’t feel disappointed with the numerous fun features, either. 

Ghostbuster Level Up Plus Game Rules

This title comes with medium volatility and a 98% RTP, but no jackpot. Instead, players can land a 25,000x maximum win, which can translate into quite a lucrative session. Total bets range from 0.25 to 750 credits, and, despite being new, this title already threatens to become a globally widespread phenomenon among casino punters. 

Ghostbusters Online Pokies

If you haven’t watched the original film, here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect in this slot game. The title’s theme follows the original motion pic faithfully, thanks to a nighttime New York City street design with a scary soundtrack and the trio of scientists battling ghosts for money. The four Ghostbusters represent standard symbols, in addition to the J, Q, K, and A playing cards.

Ghostbuster Level Up Plus Reels

In the original film, William Atherton acts as the character of Walter Peck. Harold Ramis plays Egon Spengler, Dan Aykroyd plays Raymond Stantz, and Bill Murray portrays Peter Venkman. 

In the game, the most rewarding standard symbol is Peter Venkman; landing three, four, or five of these symbols in combination gets you a 2, 8, or 20x stake return. The Wild is the Ghostbusters logo and results in 4x, 20x, or 40x the stake if you get three, four, or five of these wilds on a single payline.

Bonus Features

Ghostbuster Level Up Plus Features

Ghostbusters Level Up Plus comes with several exciting bonus features, primarily Ghost Battle. If you land a ghost symbol on the middle real, you trigger this bonus feature and will need to zap the ghost by tapping/clicking on the image. You’ll typically need to zap the ghost icon up to three times to make it disappear.

However, every time you zap this icon, a Ghost Wild symbol finds its way into the Ghost Queue. You capture ghosts with 0 health and receive a Level Up in return. You can see up to 20 Ghost Wilds in the Ghost Queue at any one time. 

Additionally, you’ll also encounter different types of Ghost Wilds. These variants include Extra Ghost Wilds, Expanding Ghost Wilds, and Multiplier Ghost Wilds, with four more types of each. The base game is home to three variant types, and the fourth only appears during the Zuul Free Spins Bonus.

At level 1, you’ll only have Multiplier Ghost Wilds on offer, but using these wilds to level up can also unlock Ghost Wilds. When doing so, you’ll be able to maximize your winnings by adding 2, 3, or 4 extra Ghost Wilds on the reels. Additionally, you can use cross-shaped, diagonal, and horizontal expanding wilds, as well as 3x, 5x, and 10x multipliers. 

If you’re successful in reaching level 10, you’ll unlock a Tobin’s Spirit Guide feature that lets you select the ghost to show up in the Ghost Battle feature.

Zuul Free Spins Bonus

Triggering this bonus feature is possible in the base game by landing three bonus symbols anywhere on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reel. You need to zap Zuul 5 times to claim just as many free spins, including a Ghost Wild for each spin. However, you can also claim two more free spins (and Ghost Wilds) by getting three scatters instead, thereby retriggering the feature.

Ghostbuster Level Up Plus Bonus Feature

There are up to 25 free spins you can claim by retriggering the Zuul Bonus several times. During this bonus, all of the Ghost Wilds boast a higher value: 

  • Extra Ghost Wilds feature five additional wilds across the reels
  • Expanding Ghost Wilds with the Jumbo feature, which extends to all adjacent symbols
  • Multiplier Ghost Wilds with a 25x stake return.

Additional Features

Level Up Plus 

We cannot overstate our excitement with this unique feature. It’s accurate to say that Ghostbusters Level Up Plus wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without it. Why? Because the rewards grow with the level you reach. The most evident proof is in the Ghost Battles; look to the screen’s top-left corner to see the current ghost’s health bar. You’ll see:

10th Level: Tobin’s Spirit Guide Feature

9th Level: 4 Extra Ghost Wilds

8th Level: Psychogram Helmet (Equipment feature)

7th Level: Expanding Ghost Wilds – cross

6th Level: Ecto Goggles (Equipment feature)

5th Level: 2 or 3 Extra Ghost Wilds

4th Level: PKE Meter (Equipment feature)

3rd Level: Expanding Ghost Wilds – diagonal and horizontal

2nd Level: Ghost Sniffer (Equipment feature)

1st Level: 3x, 5x, and 10x wilds with the Proton Rack (Equipment feature).

Ghostbusters Level Up Plus Rules


This feature exists in the base game, and you trigger it randomly. The Proton Pack is the only unlocked extra equipment at the 1st level, but there are other extras as you go up the levels (as mentioned above). Here’s what each of them does:

  • Psychogram Helmet helps you activate the free spins feature by giving you two bonus symbols when one is already on the reels
  • Ecto Goggles symbol helps trigger the Zuul Free Spins Bonus by revealing one bonus symbol when two are already on the reels
  • PKE Meter symbol transforms every selected set of between 1 and 4 royal symbols into wilds
  • Ghost Sniffer symbol helps trigger the Ghost Battle feature by revealing one hidden Ghost symbol
  • Proton Pack symbol helps enhance your wins by transforming every selected set of between 2 and 4 royal symbols into the most numerous character symbol.

Ghostbusters Real Money Slots

While most slot games feature a demo mode allowing players to enjoy the game for free, we recommend this title to experienced players. Why? The game features a medium variance and a 98% RTP, in addition to the Level Up and other features.

In other words, experienced punters stand to have immense fun playing this title and enjoy lucrative winnings simultaneously. 

Additionally, New Zealanders can choose between several online casinos to enjoy this variant of the Ghostbusters pokies. We recommend Hyper Casino as a premier provider of this and numerous other exciting IGT slot titles. You should be able to enjoy Ghostbusters real money slots here without registering, but check out the official casino site to be sure.

Final Verdict

For the most part, the feeling we had during our test of the Ghostbusters Level Up Plus Slot was that of nostalgia. Familiar faces from the movie continuously appear on the reels, and the gameplay and overall vibe of this title are all excellent. However, we couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing.

And then it happened: “Ghostbusters!” was the sound coming from the game after numerous spins. But, it didn’t end there – you’ll also hear the actual Ghostbusters theme song upon reaching the bonus mode, which only adds to the otherwise impressive game setup. 

We might have been slightly biased during our review, but only because we adore the movie. Objectively speaking, the game mechanics, gameplay, features, bonuses, and all other aspects are top-notch. In our opinion, IGT has set the bar high with this title, and we recommend Ghostbusters Level Up Plus slot to NZ punters old and new. Good luck! 


1. Can I Play Ghostbusters Level Up Plus slot on mobile?

Yes, you can play this slot title effortlessly on any mobile device that uses an Android or iOS operating system because of its HTML5 design. Moreover, you can similarly enjoy this game on any tablet or laptop device.

2. Do I need to download Ghostbusters Level Up Plus Slot to play?

No, there is no need to download this slot game on any platform before playing. You can simply use any device, mobile or desktop, access the game in your favorite online casino via browser, and enjoy everything it has to offer.

3. Can I win real money if I play Ghostbusters Level Up Plus?

Absolutely. While it is typically available in demo/practice mode, you can choose to play with real money and win by selecting the right online casino.

4. What is the best online casino to play Ghostbusters Level Up Plus in New Zealand?

You can find this slot title available at several reputable online operators that welcome New Zealand punters. However, we recommend Hyper Casino because of its reputability, strong security features, and numerous other impressive IGT slot titles on offer.

5. Are there free spins in Ghostbusters Level Up Plus?

You can unlock the Zuul bonus feature by landing three bonus symbols across the 1st, 3rd, and 5th bonus symbols. During the Zuul bonus feature, you can claim five free spins and also have the chance to claim more ghost wilds and spins by retriggering the feature. is an independent source of information unrelated to any gambling operator. Our autonomous expert team creates all of our guides and reviews honestly, according to their best judgement and knowledge. However, our reviews and guides are written solely for informative purposes. Therefore, they should neither be construed, nor relied upon, as legal advice. Ensure you meet all regulatory requirements at all times before playing at any selected casino. Copyright ©2020