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Western Union might not be the first payment method that comes to your mind, yet a few casinos still offer this convenient money transfer service. As the company dates back to 1851, this is one of the safest ways to send and receive cash. Besides the security, there are many other benefits of using WU as a casino payment method, and we believe there’s still a place for such transactions in addition to new-age methods. 

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In the modern era of the 21st century, credit and debit cards, famous e-wallets and controversial cryptocurrencies occupy the majority of the market. Yet, as the banking system evolves daily, it’s challenging to tell the single best method for all your deposits and withdrawals.

So, this is why we at NZ Online Pokies going to introduce you to all common payment methods associated with online casinos, and now it’s Western Union’s turn.

On this page, you’re going to find every piece of information related to WU transfers. First, we’ll start with finding Western Union casinos. Then we’ll show you how to register, make a deposit and withdraw funds from your account. 

Then, once you get all those details in place, you can start your gaming journey on some of the reputable Western Union Online Casinos. 

So, let’s start. 

How To Find a Western Union Online Casino?

To find a Western Union online casino, head to the casino reviews section in the menu. We rated and reviewed online casinos with the widest choice of banking methods for deposits and withdrawals. 

While most of those cover credit cards and famous e-wallets, it’s a bit trickier to find those supporting Western Union payments. 

This is one of the most famous money transfer services, yet the number of players using this method is declining due to modern technologies and e-wallets. However, casinos are trying to get as competent each day, so some of them on our list included WU as well. 

Western Union Online Casino Registration Guide

Registering on a Western Union online casino is fairly straightforward and doesn’t require extra effort than registering with any other payment method. 

Right here, we’re going to explain in detail how to open an account at a WU casino, how to make the deposit, and in the end, how to withdraw earned funds. 

First things first, you need to find a good casino. Make sure to check a few critical factors before you decide to sign up and leave your sensitive information. 

The first on the priority list is security. Each online casino needs to have a valid gambling license issued by the official authority. You can find that information on the bottom of each page, and hopefully, see the license number and license-issuing authority. 

Once you have those two, either:

  • Follow the link from the website to check if it’s legit, or 
  • Open the given authority’s site and paste the license number. 

If you’re getting a message such as not found, license not confirmed, and such, it means the site might be shady. Only when you see a positive signal, then you should proceed with the next step. 

If you’re too lazy to test it yourself, simply pick one of the casinos from our list. Security and license are the first things we check, as safety is our number one priority. 

How To Make a Casino Deposit Using Western Union?

After you register at a reputable Western Union casino, it’s time to make the first deposit. You can finish that in 4 simple steps, and then you’re ready to bet. 

Also, there are a few methods to make a deposit using a Western Union, and we’ll explain to you the most convenient and the fastest one. 

  1. First, you need to sign up or log in. You can do it by completing the registration form after following the link to the casino of choice.

    Then confirm the registration on your mail and you’re ready for the next step.

  2. After the login, make sure to contact customer support and get the necessary information for your deposit.

    hey will have to send you details you’ll have to give when sending money using Western Union. They will also be there to clarify anything you need to know related to the process itself.

  3. Once you have the necessary info, you have a few options.

    The easiest is to go to your nearest Western Union agent and make the deposit with real money. The other one is by using a Western Union mobile application.

    For the second option, you don’t even need to leave your house. The transaction is automatically connected with a credit card and you’ll only need to fill in the data. However, here you’ll have to make another registration, which some users find difficult.

  4. Contact the casino’s customer support and exchange tracking number (MTCN) to verify the deposit.

    Once they verify it, the money should appear on your account and you’re ready to play. 

How To Withdraw Funds From Western Union Casinos?

The withdrawal process is even simpler than the deposit. Here you can pick between cashing out to a bank account or a credit/debit card.

If you want to cash out to your bank account, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Western Union site and enter the tracking number (MTCN).
  2. Fill in your receiving bank account information as well as your details. 
  3. Send a payment request link to the casino support and they are going to proceed with the payment. 

If you prefer to receive funds on a credit or debit card, here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Open the Western union site and find Track a Transfer option.
  2. Enter the tracking number (MTCN) and opt for a credit card. 
  3. Now you’ll be asked to enter the casino’s details, and if you’re doing this for the first time, you’ll need to contact support to give you the details. 
  4. Once you fill in all information, click on submit and you should receive funds soon. 

Western Union Limits at Online Casinos

Each payment method at online casinos has a specific limit for both withdrawal and deposits. As this is not uniform information, you’ll need to check the particular figures associated with your casino of choice.

The easiest way is to find terms of use on the casino site and read them in detail. If you’re too lazy to read everything, simply press CTRL + F to open the search box and type in “limit” as a search query. 

If you still can’t find the limits, it’s good to contact customer support. Reach out through a live chat or email, and they’ll respond as soon as possible. 

Western Union Casino Transfer Fees

To figure out the Western Union Casino transfer fees, you’ll have to check two places. 

First, head to the Western Union’s official site, select your county and the transaction type. Once you finish that, enter the exact amount of the transfer, and the WU will calculate the fees automatically. 

Depending on your transaction value, fees might go from $5 to $100+. 

Once you have that info, you also need to check if a casino has specific fees associated with Western Union Transfers. 

Fees at the casinos often range between 0% and 5%, where deposits are often on the lower end and withdrawals at the higher. 

How Long Does It Take To Move Cash Into a Betting Account Using Western Union?

According to Western Union’s official information, transactions are typically completed within 24 hours for domestic transactions. If you’re sending money overseas, you’ll have to wait from one to five business days. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way of speeding up the process, so you better plan it in advance. 

Western Union Gambling Alternatives 

Western Union is convenient money sending and receiving service, yet as the technology developed, there might be better options in recent years. 

So, we’re going to list a few famous Western Union alternatives for gambling and online casinos:


Those two e-wallets are among the leaders when it comes to online casino payment. They offer fast processing times (usually under 24 hours), low fees and high ease of use. 

To deposit or withdraw money at Skrill or Neteller casinos, all you have to do is connect the account with the casino, and transactions are done with just a few clicks. 


Although they are not as popular and widely available, crypto payments have been rising in popularity in recent years. They are a great alternative to Western Union for a few very important reasons. 

The first key factor is privacy and security. If you pick Bitcoin casinos, Litecoin casinos, Ethereum casinos, or other such crypto-friendly establishments, nobody will be able to trace your payments. In other words, nobody will know that you’ve deposited in the casino. 

In the same way, you’ll be protected when you try to withdraw. When you receive crypto on your account, it’s impossible to figure out where the money came from. 

Credit and Debit Cards

Cards as payment methods in casinos are often opinion-splitters. Many hate to use credit cards for several reasons, yet the vast majority of players pick them as a go-to solution.

The reason for this is straightforward – everybody has at least a few cards. You don’t need to create an account (except the one at a casino), and there’s no need to go through a series of complex verifications and exhausting processes. 

Yet, on the downside, some people still don’t prefer to deposit in a casino using a credit card as they might be exposed to risks. Shady online communities are full of scammers and hacking attacks and many will try to steal your money. So if you’re not that good with technology, maybe other payment methods are more secure. 


With roots set back in 1851, Western Union is one of the most popular money transfer services around the globe. They cover over 200 countries and territories, which is almost the entire world.

Each city has a WU agent, and chances are you’ll find one even in your neighbourhood. 

For that reason, players are looking for casinos with Western Union deposits and withdrawals. You also might be familiar with the WU transactions, so you’re comfortable using it for most of your money transfers. 

In the text above, we explained everything you need to know about Western Union Online Casinos. First, we made a sign-up guide, followed by directions on depositing and withdrawing money. 

Then, we answered the most common questions related to limits and transfer times. Therefore, now you should be armed with enough knowledge to start playing with the WU money successfully. 

All that’s left for you is to pick a casino from the list, sign up, deposit and spin those reels.

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